Your First Visit

Dr Abrahams or Dr Sutcliffe will be responsible for your initial consultation. At your first visit we will discuss your concerns regarding your teeth. We will then carry out an examination and take the necessary orthodontic records (x-rays, study casts, photos).

We will discuss what treatment might be necessary now and what may be necessary in the future. This will cover types of treatment, different orthodontic appliances, treatment time etc. You will be assigned to one of the orthodontists for treatment. Further information regarding availability of NHS treatment is available in the FAQ section of the website. Please be aware that these regulations are constantly being reviewed and changed.

Children who are not ready for treatment will be entered into our review system and recalled at a later date.

Adults usually have an initial consultation without orthodontic records. This gives them the opportunity to discuss treatment options without having to have the records taken. Once you are ready to proceed, records are taken before treatment starts. Adults are treated privately as NHS treatment is not permitted for patients over the age of 18 years of age.

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