Fixed Appliances

Most commonly used appliance – sometimes called braces or train tracks. Metal brackets are attached to the teeth to allow precise movement of individual teeth. Results achieved with these appliances can be seen in the examples of adult and child treatment. Coloured elastics can be placed to add individuality to your brace.

3M Gemini

Metal brackets for routine treatments. Patients can request coloured elastics.

Clarity System

CLARITY tooth coloured ceramic brackets are used which make the appliance almost invisible. These are particularly suited to adults who can go about their daily lives without showing ‘a mouth full of teeth’.

Damon System

DAMON SYSTEM. A fixed appliance system using modern technology to gently move teeth with low friction. This appliance can achieve results which may not be possible with other systems.

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Fixed Appliances Colour Chart


* The color of your fixed appliances may vary slightly from the options presented below. Please contact us to get a more accurate colour chart.