• A huge thank you to you all for everything that you’ve done over the last 15 months. I’m so pleased with my teeth. I really can’t stop smiling! My wedding day will feel extra special thanks to you.

    Best wishes and thanks again.

    MO (Adult)

  • I can’t thank you enough for all your care and kindness to me (and endless patience)! I know I’ve been your worst nightmare patient but I am thrilled with the result and I am so grateful to you for looking after me in times of trouble (and complete meltdown)!

    DB (Adult)

  • Thank you so much for fixing my “smile”. My teeth have never looked so good. Wearing braces was not my favourite event but it has paid off and has been worthwhile. A big thank you to all the staff who have been supportive.

    HC (16)

  • Thank you for giving me the teeth and smile I have always wanted, and for making the procedure so pleasant.

    JK (14)

  • Thank you so much for fixing my teeth! Always wanted straight teeth and now I do thanks to you! You have given me the smile I’ve always wanted and I love it!

    Again, thank you so much for your work and kindness!

    GH (15)

  • The whole experience has far exceeded my expectations

    I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for giving me back the teeth I had after my first corrections 20 years ago and so much more, I’m sure I have not been the easiest of patients having elastics changed so often but I have always found you all so accommodating and friendly. The whole experience has far exceeded my expectations.

    AD (Adult)

  • Thank you so much for putting up with me all this time. Thanks to you, I will no longer even be like the lady on the card. I will truly miss your very kind and inspirational words during our sessions. No getting rid of me now; I’ll pop in whenever you least expect it – just to keep you on your toes

    Alex (Adult)

  • No orthodontist could have done a better job

    My son Oliver had extremely crooked teeth and therefore we wanted him to have orthodontic treatment. Our elder son was in the course of having a brace and wearing tracks and the improvement was excellent. At the age of 13, Oliver was fitted with two braces, one over the top teeth and the other over the bottom. He had to wear them continually only removing them to eat. After about 9 months they were replaced by tracks which he kept in for nearly two years. Now Oliver wears a retainer at night so that the teeth will not move.

    Throughout this time Oliver had often seen Dr. Abrahams to have progress checked, the tracks tightened and umpteen other little details done.

    Appointments were always made to suit us and, in an emergency, Oliver was seen virtually straight away. The receptionists are incredibly helpful, efficient and friendly which makes life so much easier. Dr. Abrahams knows how to put youngsters at ease. My son too worked hard by always wearing his braces and taking care of his tracks.

    Oliver, now aged 16, has such perfect teeth and frequently I ask him to smile just for the joy of beholding the transformation! No orthodontist could have done a better job and most probably would not have achieved this end result.

    FA (Mother)

  • The result was everything I had hoped for and my expectations were high! “I was really uncertain about whether to have my teeth straightened. They weren’t awful, but had been left crooked from childhood, despite wearing a brace for several years. My biggest objections were already having sensitive teeth and my age. Was it really worth the time at 45? After an honest, helpful and very informative consultation with Roy, I made the decision to go ahead. I’m delighted to say, 16 months later, that I really do have a new set of teeth! The result was everything I had hoped for and my expectations were high! Roy is passionate about what he does and sets a very high standard, ensuring that your teeth look the best they can, whilst being sensitive to any concerns and worries you have along the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him”.

    Ali (Adult)

  • This is a fantastic service which we hope will long continue

    We would like to thank you for the amazing job that you have done on our son Joseph. We could not believe how quickly the treatment transformed his teeth.

    You have in the past treated Joe’s older brother and sister, and now all three have a perfect set of gnashers.

    We are so grateful for all the work you have done.

    The children have shown their appreciation of your hard work by continuing to use their retainers and care for their teeth with no prompting from us.

    We have also appreciated the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the surgery.

    This is a fantastic service which we hope will long continue.

    B & A (Parents)

  • I am absolutely delighted. I can’t stop smiling. I can’t thank you enough

    It only took me thirty five years to pluck up the courage to finally do something about my teeth. In the past, whenever I laughed I always put my hand in front of my mouth to hide my embarrassment. You could almost fit a £1 coin between the gaps in my front teeth.

    I had discussed treatment with my dentist who thought I wasn’t too old to benefit. After six months hesitating and on the recommendation of a friend I called the Practice and never looked back. I felt very ease at the first appointment, in fact so confident in you, that I asked you straight away (I understand some people like to have some time to think).

    There has been a lot more to the treatment then just sorting out two grapy front teeth, as my jaw was not aligned and my ‘bite’ was not biting properly. I knew from the outset that it would not be a quick fix, so chose to have the not so visible brace. Thanks for fitting this. There were odd times when it was hard to eat, but I continued to eat out regularly and always remembered to take my toothbrush.

    Following two years of superb care and meticulous attention to detail, where nothing has been too much trouble, I can now bite properly and have the teeth I have always hoped for. I am absolutely delighted. I can’t stop smiling.

    I can’t thank you enough.

    MJM (Adult)