Practitioners Referral Request

We are happy to accept referrals from your practice. There is no facility on this website to make referrals. This is due to changes in the GRPD regulations.

The Area Team have made it mandatory that NHS referrals now have to be made through the Referral Management System (RMS). This applies to all practices, whether they are registered in Hertfordshire or not. Please contact the practice for details.

We are particularly keen to see your Adult patients. Most of these cases are to gain better alignment but often it is working with you, creating or closing space, so that you can provide better restorations, bridges, implants or veneers.

For Adult referrals and private children referrals you can request referral pads or write your own letter. We can no longer accept referrals by email unless the whole email or attachment is encrypted. Please provide as much personal information as possible (name, address, date of birth and mobile contact details) and any relevant dental details if necessary. The fees are £95.00 for an Adult and £75.00 for a Child consultation. If records (study casts and x-rays) are necessary, this will be discussed and they will be charged separately.