treatments-page-thumb Each patient is individual and our treatment plan will therefore be individual to you and your requirements. There may be more than one option and this will be discussed with you.

We aim to provide non extraction treatment when possible. This means that we can accommodate all of the permanent teeth in your mouth without extracting any in many cases. Treatment is carried out with a variety of appliances to suit the needs of your particular problem.

Removable Appliances

Used for simple tooth movements, usually for younger children. An example of this is the correction of cross bites. Removable appliances can also be used before fixed appliances to gain space and open the bite. These appliances are sometimes incorrectly referred to as retainers.

Fixed Appliances

Most commonly used appliance – sometimes called braces or train tracks. Metal brackets are attached to the teeth to allow precise movement of individual teeth. Results achieved with these appliances can be seen in the examples of adult and child treatment. Coloured elastics can be placed to add individuality to your brace.

Clarity system

CLARITY™ tooth coloured ceramic brackets are used which make the appliance almost invisible. These are particularly suited to adults who can go about their daily lives without showing ‘a mouth full of teeth’.

Damon System

DAMON™ SYSTEM. A fixed appliance system using modern technology to gently move teeth with low friction. This appliance can achieve results which may not be possible with other systems.

Functional Appliances

These appliances are used for certain patients to maximise growth of the lower jaw. This reduces the appearance of “sticking out teeth” and improves the profile. Examples of the fantastic results achieved can be seen on this site.

More information about functional appliances.


These are invisible braces. This new technique does not involve fitting brackets onto your teeth and is particularly suited to adults and older adolescents.

Now you can really have that wonderful smile without having a fixed brace. This practice is one of the first in the UK to be certified to use Invisalign.

More information about Invisalign.

Other appliances are used for particular problems as necessary.