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Is there an alternative to Invisalign I can buy online?

Is there an alternative to Invisalign I can buy online?
Roy Abrahams
30, Jan 2020

At Rickmansworth Orthodontics we sometimes get asked if there’s a more affordable solution to Invisalign braces. Patients will Google about wanting straighter teeth and a new smile and are attracted to the fact that clear aligners are removable, almost invisible and seem to do the same job as fixed metal braces.

The truth is Invisalign is more complex than simply fitting what looks like a plastic mouthguard over a patient’s teeth. It’s why Invisalign is only available through Orthodontists and Dentists who are fully trained and certified providers of clear aligners. The temptation to buy cheaper plastic aligners on the internet is actually a false economy as the chances you’ll get the orthodontic outcome you’d like are minimal, to say the least.

At Rickmansworth Orthodontics fitting Invisalign clear aligners means using our orthodontic expertise to carefully plan and fit your custom-made braces. The three vital phases of treatment you won’t get by buying online include the following:

X-rays and diagnostic studies will be completed on-site at our orthodontic practice in Rickmansworth. This means we can be sure, before treatment starts, that you’re suitable for Invisalign.

We take impressions of your teeth and mouth which are sent directly to Invisalign before providing your first set of personalised, clear aligners.

Through regular appointments at the practice throughout your treatment we offer check-ups to determine how and when your invisalign trays need replacing so you get the best possible results and perfectly straight teeth.

Online alternatives to Invisalign simply can’t offer the service and treatment outcomes available through a specialist orthodontic practice like ours. Why risk wasting time and money on something that may not give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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